Pest Control

Subterranean Termites:
• 3-5 colonies per acre in Southeast
• Not covered by homeowners insurance
• Enter home from cracks as small as 1/64 of an inch
• They attack wood in new and old homes
• They attack homes made from brick, stucco and block
Drywood Termites:
• Drywood termites fly into your home during spring time.
• They tunnel through your wood in the attic and your fascia
• They swarm at night time
• They leave behind pellets and damage
Subterranean Termite Protection
• Professional reliable treatment
• No need to leave your home
• Odorless chemicals
• Transferable, renewable bond protecting your home
• Free termite inspection
• Free pretreatments if necessary
No-Tent Termite Elimination
• Professional reliable treatment
• No need to leave your home
• Odorless chemicals
• Little to no preparation required
• Cost effective treatment
Every home in Florida is treated before it is built. This treatment is to protection your home — however, the treatment will only protect your home for so long.
Bed Bug removal control program consists of 5 steps
1 Proper identification of Bed bugs and acquiring Bed bug information sheet and Bed bug preparation guidelines.

2 Client cooperation of bed bug removal procedure per Standard preparation sheet

3 Initial extensive treatment and removal by trained Standard technicians includes

•Intensive treatment of sleeping areas

•Intensive treatment of upholstered and non-upholstered furniture

•Perimeter treatment of rooms and baseboards/molding

•Placement of monitor traps.

4 Box springs are required for all box springs. Mattress encasement's are strongly recommended.

5 Follow up Service 10-15 days later.
This service is included in the initial service price but must be taken no later than 20 days after. It concentrates on areas around the bed. There is a retreatment charge for follow-up services.
Ant Control & Extermination Services
Small Ants Can Cause Big Problems!

Chances are, ants, and some of the other pests in your home, actually live in nests outside—which is exactly where Standard's technicians begin to targets them. Insecticide is applied outside to the exterior foundation walls of your house, creating a treated area of protection.Our residential ant service has proven highly effective in controlling many species of nuisance ants and other household pests. Our non-repellent band of protection combined with granular baits is the one two combo that will eliminate ants and insects from around the home.

Exterior Treatment Consists of:
•Applying a band of non-repellent insecticide
•Applying granular baits
Interior Treatment Consists of:
•Treating with gel baits (along established ant pathways)
•Treating with Ant bait reservoirs
•Applying monitor traps

We also offer termite monitoring and baiting as well as rodent control and a variety of other services. Let us create a pest control program that fits your home and families needs for pest protection.
Total Home Protection Package

Your free inspection includes:
• Exterior inspection for water leaks, wood rot and other wood-destroying conditions that attract termites.
• Interior inspection including your garage and your attic
• We measure your home and note our findings on a diagram. This will help us in providing a better look into your home and explain treatment needed to protect your home
• We can only see up to 40% of your home. Even with no evidence of termites today, now is the time to protect your home.
• Invest in your home and save.
• The cost of termite damage can be from $500 to $20,000

Trained Standard personnel will locate rodent access points and seal them with a variety of professional materials including exclusion brushes for doors, copper mesh, sealants, sheet metal, escutcheon plates and cement. We perform an on site analysis of all potential rodent/pest access points and than we will supply you with a price to perform the exclusion work. We will eliminate any current pest problem in conjunction with sealing them out to prevent future pest problems. We perform pest exclusion/proofing services from apartments to commercial wharehousing facilities and anythign in between.

Our Pest Proofing/Exclusion Service Includes:
•Locating & Identifying Pest Harborage Sites
•Locating Entry Points
•Eliminating Current Pest Activity
•Sealing/Patching/Repairing Entry Points
•Making Recommendations to Prevent Pest Activity in The Future

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