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pest solutions South Florida Have termites but can’t leave your home for a few days? At Just Termites and Pest Solutions that isn’t a problem, we have an extremely effective way of eliminating your home of Drywood Termites with-out tenting. Drywood Termite extermination requires the homeowner to relocate for at least 3 days and remove all uncanned foods from the property.

However, Just Termites and Pest Solution’s No-Tent Drywood Termite Treatment is extremely effective without the hassles of Tent Fumigation. Be aware though, in some cases (degree of infestation, home design, etc.) a Tent Fumigation is the only way of eradicating Drywood Termites, But not to worry Just Termites and Pest Solutions is a State Certified Tent Fumigation Company.

The negatives associated with tent fumigations are (some structure need to be tented):

1) Cost of the fumigation

2) Hotel fees, you must vacate the property for at least 3 days

3) Food replacement, you must either seal your food in specially designed nylofum bags or discard it

4) Unintentional damage to your home, Due to the nature of Tent Fumigation you may incur some damage to your Home even when the utmost care is taken. Examples: broken roof tiles, satellite dishes being pulling off, dimpling or bending of metal roofs, cracked sprinkler heads, etc.

5) Foliage replacement, in order to properly seal the gas in a structure when fumigating the tarp must have complete contact with the ground. So if any bushes, shrubs, or plants are in the way they must be cut back, removed, or covered. Either way the landscape will be damaged to some degree. Also, even when extreme caution is used, the fumigation technicians are fitting the tarps to the ground they may have to step or pull the equipment over some of the plants to do the job properly

The good things with our No-Tent Methods:

1) The cost is considerably lower

2) You do not have to vacate the property, and you do not have to remove your food

3) The work can be completed within a few hours time in most cases

4) Your landscape will stay intact

5) You still get our terrific re-treatment guarantee, just as you would with our tent-fumigation

Available Treatment Solutions for Drywood Termites

What are your options?

There are two approaches for treating drywood termite infestations: local treatment (sometimes called "spot treatment") and whole-structure treatment / fumigation (often called "tenting").

Not all local treatments are created equal!
Some spot treatments, such as "orange oil", must come into direct contact with the termites they are attempting to kill. This means that the technician would literally have to find every hidden termite colony in a home and completely cover it with the product for the spot treatment method to be effective. Because drywood termites hide inside wood, often in inaccessible areas of the home, this task is nearly impossible. So, spot treatments with products such as "Orange Oil" offer only temporary or partial results by their very nature.

Local Treatment with Termidor is DIFFERENT!
Termidor is a different kind of local treatment because unlike "Orange Oil" the product Termitdor DOES NOT have to come into direct contact with every termite to be effective. Termidor has a property known as the Transfer Effect which enables a single termite that comes innto contact with a Termidor treated area to "transfer" that treatment to many other termites in the colony of termites. For this reason, the professionals at Quantum Termite use Termidor above all other products for local treatment with amazing success.

How is whole-structure treatment different?
Of the two types of treatment – local treatment and whole-structure – only whole-structure fumigation is guaranteed to eliminate all drywood termite infestations. Among whole-structure treatments, only Vikane gas fumigant has been trusted for over half a century of practical use in more than 2 million structures. Vikane is the only brand of whole-structure fumigant developed, tested, and made in the U.S.A.

Moreover, Vikane can only be used by highly trained, licensed fumigators who practice the highest standards demanded by Dow AgroSciences (the manufacturer of Vikane gas fumigant) as well as state regulatory agencies. Quantum Termites fumigation specialists are backed by the support of Dow AgroSciences and meet all California regulatory requirements for safely performing whole structure fumigation with Vikane

Most new homeowners have little to no idea what to expect in regards to termite Inspection, termite treatment or ultimately termite control. To make things even more difficult, many people from northern states never even heard of a termite, I know from experience when I moved here as a young man, I was introduced to cockroaches, the largest, ugliest, bugs I had ever seen at the time. A Florida termite control specialist should go over the details of a comprehensive termite treatment plan thoroughly but here are a few things you can expect. Inspection
The first thing a termite exterminator in Florida should do after discussing a plan with you is to perform a complete inspection of your home. As a pest control expert, he should inspect both inside and out, upstairs and down. He may use a small flashlight or other tools to reveal hidden damage or illuminate dark areas. A putty knife, for instance, can help an inspector determine where wood has rotted or where it has been weakened by insects.

Since termite infestations generally begin outside in the soil, he should also inspect the property surrounding the home. He may look through the wood pile, along the foundation and at the entry points for water lines. Since termite often tunnel at ground level, he may have to go through your crawl space as well, if you have one. Sometimes termites will find a small crack in the concrete slab and enter into the home unseen, and the inspection is based on finding mud shelter tubes left behind by the termites.

The inspection may take a while. It can take from 45 minutes to more than an hour depending on the size of the home. Oh and by the way, for the sake of this conversation, termite inspections mentioned here are not for the sale of the property. Additional information is necessary when it comes to the sale of property, and reports called WDIIR’s Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Reports are generally required to complete a sale. These reports are not part of a general termite inspection, when you call us to come to your home to inspect for termites.

Your Florida termite inspector should give you a full report of his findings. He should tell you of any insect activity that he has seen, where it was located and how extensive the damage. He may also point out other issues he has noted in your home. Standing water, for instance, can be a sign of trouble. Any accumulated moisture is an attractive (water) food source for termites.

Your inspector should make recommendations on what pest control services will best suit your home’s termite situation. He may also give you advice on how to correct moisture issues and other issues that contribute to insect activity. You should ask questions until you have a very good understanding of what your home needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or explanation on any of his recommendations. His recommendations should include pricing options and payment plans as well as treatments options.

Generally an inspection will be done prior to a termite treatment of any kind. All inspectors are required to generate a written proposal on a form approved by Arizona Dept of Agriculture Office Of Pest Management that will give you the specifics of the original proposed treatment. Your Termite control technician will then apply treatments as indicated on the approved proposal. Some people may say they don’t want a contract, however in Arizona, if you are not offered a written proposal (contract) for your termite treatment – choose someone else – it’s the law. Oh, by the way, giving you a price over the phone is also – against the law, as professional termite companies – we all know this, and yet many still quote over the phone – if I were you – I would choose somebody else. I know everybody kind of wants to know, “HOW MUCH”, but frankly the answer is, unless I inspect it, how could I possibly do anything but guess? Don’t gamble your house on a guess, get the inspection so you get the right treatment!

Treatment methods vary depending on whether or not there is evidence of an active infestation. One common treatment is to trench and rod the soil along the soil line of the foundation. Concrete slabs are to be drilled every 12”, although new treatments are coming that will change these requirements. Also, new technologies and chemical formulations are continually being introduced to professional Termite companies, such as dry formulations that are injected directly into active subterranean termite shelter tubes, new super concentrated formulas, new foam applications and even monitor and bait stations are available.

Peace of Mind
When it comes to your largest investment in most cases – your home, don’t gamble on Termite Control. Make sure you understand what you are getting, and who you are getting it from – not all Florida Termite control companies are the same. Arizona Termite control is really about being thorough, and in today’s economy, many companies are competing with low prices, number of years for a warranty, spot treatments, etc… It is important to realize that Effective, long term termite treatments require hard work. The Termite companies who only focus on low prices, quick jobs, spot treats and promises of 5 to 10 year warranties are looking to produce a large volume of work, and their focus is not on quality, long term control, just on landing jobs.

Peace of Mind for you, the customer, should be, will my house be protected, will this guy be thorough, do a great job for me, leave a clean work site and present me with a termite treatment that will be effective and long term or will he become a family member and basically move in with you, because he is at your home so frequently that he is now considered the unwanted guest. It is important that you make the right choice when it comes to protecting your home from termites.

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